AppTrim – The Appetite Controller

AppTrim – Medical Food Recommended for weight reduction

AppTrim is a weight management product that is used to deal extreme weight problems, such as morbid obesity. It is a new age product that manages obesity and metabolic syndrome. In a recent study done by researchers, it has been found that population base of its users in the US is increasing. The problem of obesity and overweight problems is increasing day by day in the country and a solution to it is definitely the one and only AppTrim.

Ingredients – L-Tyroine, Griffonia seed extract, chlorine bitartrate, Whei protein hydroslate, L-Serine, L-histidine, L-Glutamic acid, Caffeine, Cocoa Extract, and grape seed extract.

Our body is the most complex machine of all. The ability to generate the hunger hormone is one of the major functions of the human body. The hormone is known as Neuropeptide-Y and its major function is to increase the hunger for food. Here AppTrim comes into play as it suppresses the hormone and decreases the appetite. It fosters other neurotransmitters that help in the suppression of hunger. Like Serotonin decreases the body’s craving for carbohydrate content, Epinephrine improves the body’s fat burning function, Norephineprine curbs hunger while histamine suppresses neuropeptide-Y. Some of the other neurotransmitters include glutamate and acetylcholine. The prescribed dosage for the medicine is on an empty stomach. 30 minutes before having a meal. Recommended dosage is 2 tablets mid-morning and 2 tablets mid-afternoon.

Advantages – It is powerful enough to tackle obesity (The formulation is powerful enough to tackle obesity. The generation of neurotransmitters controls your food taking habits and suppresses hunger)

Adequate Appetite suppression and balancing of hormones in the body – Known as the medical food it adequately suppresses hunger and controls the amount of food intake thereby controlling the hunger hormone.

The prescription can be easily obtained from the doctor in case of overweight. It is the best medicine available in the market for suppressing and controlling hunger hormones.

Disadvantages – One of the major disadvantages is it can only be used when dealing with extremely overweight problems. If you want to reduce more than 20 pounds then only it should be used and not for middleweight persons who want to shed fewer pounds/ kilograms. Side effects include migraines, upset stomach, and mouth dryness

A doctor’s permission is required while buying one of these and should only be bought under medical supervision. Get the required information before buying the product from the website or from a nearby medical store.